Doherty – Truth and Nutters

Scene setting:

It’s a cold room, heaters attempt to bring warmth, only reaching the few nearest.
Wooden folding patio chairs are squeezed together closer than economy airline seats.
The roof is mouldy, behind the black stage curtains the walls decay.

Warmth is brought by the audience.
Not just by collective bodies, but by the atmosphere they produce.
All those minds oozing thoughts, even in the silence you can hear them.
All eyes intently staring at the stage, shuffling heads try to glimpse Doherty.
He is the incandescent mothership. Continue reading

Summing up a festival – student style

Proud supporters of Bendigo Writers Festival, La Trobe University offers a subject called Writers in Action which embeds students into writers festivals across Victoria and southern NSW. This year the students of the Bendigo group turned their hand to blogging about their experiences at BWF 2016. Below are snippets from a few of the pieces students created. To read more visit the Writers In Action blog site.

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life after death: on Michel Faber’s Book of Strange New Things

The story behind Michel Faber’s extraordinary novel, The Book of Strange New Things, is almost too sad to contemplate. This outstanding writer, with such a bold and unusual imagination, speaks about his grief at the death of his wife and tells us that he felt he couldn’t keep writing as he nursed her in her last days. But she, as she had done from the start, urged him to keep writing, asking him to write just six sentences a day.

He did, and while the book does appear to show signs of the difficulty he had to finish it, it is also a remarkable achievement, all the more so because this writer, who lives in Edinburgh, says the book will be his last. Continue reading

Tough reading in a good way

Charlotte Wood has admitted her rage at the way young women are blamed for their own victimisation was the catalyst for The Natural Way of Things. Well, it certainly gave her the impetus for a strong novel. Shocking but well controlled: be very interesting to see how this one goes down with readers:

Local is good history

We had a double dose of excellent local history at this year’s Bendigo Writers Festival, with Heather Holtz talking about her book The Idea of Home, and Graeme Davison his new book, Lost Relations.

Review of Lost Relations

What’s special about both books is the perspective they bring to our region’s colourful and difficult history. Continue reading

Readers ready for Bendigo Writers Festival

With only 3 more sleeps until the opening of the 2015 Bendigo Writers Festival, preparations are certainly in full swing. Festival goers have their programs marked up with their pick of sessions and presenters and participants have begun to arrive. In amongst all the rush, local readers are still devouring books by festival authors in readiness for the many and varied conversations which will take place this weekend. Nicole sampled Kirsten Krauth’s novel just_a_girl, while Emma delved into a memoir by Lee Kofman.

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