Youth anthology branches out again

Bendigo Writers Festival and the Rotary Club of Bendigo are delighted to announce that submissions for the 2017 Vox Bendigo Book Young Writers Anthology are now open.

Students in years 3-7 and 8-11 are invited to enter one piece of poetry or prose relating to 2017’s theme of ‘THE TREE’.

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Vox Bendigo Fyffe Writing Award 2017

Now in its third year, the Vox Bendigo Fyffe Writing Award opens for entries on Wednesday February 1, and closes on Wednesday April 26.

La Trobe Uni lecturer, poet and writer Scott Alterator was integral to the VB process last year, hosting the celebration at Bendigo Writers Festival where we launched the tiny zine, designed by Jacqui Lynch, featuring the winning poems by Tru Dowling and Melinda Kallasmae.

Rod Fyffe has come up trumps (!) once more, with funding assistance, so this year, to keep it fresh and evolving, we’ve divided the Award into two categories: Poetry and Essay. Continue reading

Make like Banjo and name drop the Borough

The Mulga Bill Writing Award is once again searching the country for Eaglehawk’s next big literary mentions.

In a respectful nod to Banjo Paterson’s poem about Mulga Bill of Eaglehawk, the competition asks writers to make like Banjo and name-drop the borough to be in the running for cash prizes. Continue reading

Doherty – Truth and Nutters

Scene setting:

It’s a cold room, heaters attempt to bring warmth, only reaching the few nearest.
Wooden folding patio chairs are squeezed together closer than economy airline seats.
The roof is mouldy, behind the black stage curtains the walls decay.

Warmth is brought by the audience.
Not just by collective bodies, but by the atmosphere they produce.
All those minds oozing thoughts, even in the silence you can hear them.
All eyes intently staring at the stage, shuffling heads try to glimpse Doherty.
He is the incandescent mothership. Continue reading

New ways to do it

A bit informal, relaxed and very lively… and it’s free.

On Friday August 12, from 5.30pm to 7pm, in the Festival Hub in the Capital’s Banquet Room, you can get into festival mood with Scott Alterator and friends – Samuel Wagan Watson, Bruce Oakman, Cate Kennedy and musician Rowan Blackmore.

This is the now traditional poetry cabaret, which has been a part of both Bendigo Writers Festival and the Write on the Fringe Festival since the start.

This year, we’re teaming up with Write on the Fringe, and showcasing, too, the winners of the Vox Bendigo Fyffe Award.

Come along and check out the VBFA zine, a little book, designed by Jacqui Lynch, which features the two winning poems, by Tru S Dowling and Melinda Kallasmae.

Scott Alterator is keen to see local writing published in new and interesting ways and this zine is the start of that journey.

We hope to see you there…

Liquid Free-range

Simon Patton


There’s a clever plastic trough with a float

hooked up to a tank: this the chickens ignore.

A wide terracotta dish is more to their taste:

they sip up beakfuls and gargle, half-crowing.

But they are happiest when I pour blunt rivers

from an old can into the dirt, as if water

tasted freshest uncaged.

[16 May 2011]