Making festival 2017

As the Castlemaine State Festival unfolds, with all the joy – and a bit of backchat – that is generated around it, Bendigo Writers Festival, just half an hour down the road and five months down the calendar, is taking shape for August 11-13, and it already is giving me sleepless nights!!

With one of our out-of-season outreach events due to take place on Sunday April 2 at Maryborough Railway Station, and then on May 21 another one in Dunolly, the obvious stuff is front of mind – booking the writers, thinking about the venue and details for the events, trying to let people know it’s on. But those of us who are responsible for events such as these never lose sight of the bigger picture: why are cultural events important and how should they be created, in what spirit, for what purpose, for whom, where, when… and on it goes.

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