Doherty – Truth and Nutters

Scene setting:

It’s a cold room, heaters attempt to bring warmth, only reaching the few nearest.
Wooden folding patio chairs are squeezed together closer than economy airline seats.
The roof is mouldy, behind the black stage curtains the walls decay.

Warmth is brought by the audience.
Not just by collective bodies, but by the atmosphere they produce.
All those minds oozing thoughts, even in the silence you can hear them.
All eyes intently staring at the stage, shuffling heads try to glimpse Doherty.
He is the incandescent mothership. Continue reading

Summing up a festival – student style

Proud supporters of Bendigo Writers Festival, La Trobe University offers a subject called Writers in Action which embeds students into writers festivals across Victoria and southern NSW. This year the students of the Bendigo group turned their hand to blogging about their experiences at BWF 2016. Below are snippets from a few of the pieces students created. To read more visit the Writers In Action blog site.

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Zable’s ‘dream interview’ becomes reality

Arnold Zable is one of the few people in life who can say he’s had the chance to meet one of his childhood idols.
When BWF asked him who he’d most like to interview – from anyone in the world at any stage in history – Arnold does to hesitate to answer.
“I would like to have interviewed — or better still, have had a conversation with—Marek Edelman, one of the leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in April 1943. He was a childhood hero of mine, but unlike some of his fellow resistance fighters, who were among my mentors in Melbourne, he had remained in Poland.”

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BWF Story Tram’s first outing

Bendigo’s youngest readers were the focus of the first event for Bendigo Writers Festival 2016 when Sam the Story Tram left the Bendigo Tramways Depot yesterday bound for an adventure filled outing of songs and stories.

Twenty pre-school aged children and their special adults met Sam the Story Tram at Bendigo Tramways depot then took an entertaining ride to the Bendigo Gold Mine. Continue reading

A question of human rights

Sometimes Writers Festival participants are invited along because they have a new book worthy of promoting, other times the guest offers new perspectives on a ‘hot’ topic and then of course, there are the writers or thinkers who are sought after because their views of the world provide a fresh approach to much-discussed, but rarely resolved, world issues.

Tasneem Chopra may well fit into more than one of the aforementioned categories but her thought-provoking response to our question;  ‘who would you most like to interview and why?’ shows us why she’s been listed as “One of 16 Women To Watch in 2016″ by Latte magazine, among The Age Magazine’s Top 100 most influential ‘Movers and Shakers’ in Melbourne and one of The Australian Magazine’s ‘Top Ten thinkers’. Continue reading