Heading to Bendigo

We are now well and truly on the national circuit for writers and cultural events, with the city’s new venue, Ulumbarra, topping off a brilliant suite of venues that make it so possible for the region now to host quality and variety.

It’s very important that people who live and work outside Australia’s capital cities have access too, and it’s also important to remember that it’s not just about bringing stuff to the regions, Continue reading

Local is good history

We had a double dose of excellent local history at this year’s Bendigo Writers Festival, with Heather Holtz talking about her book The Idea of Home, and Graeme Davison his new book, Lost Relations.

Review of Lost Relations

What’s special about both books is the perspective they bring to our region’s colourful and difficult history. Continue reading

Looking for an agent?

One of the things many new writers ask me is if I know a good agent they can contact.

Because I’ve been reviewing books for 30 years, and have worked as an editor and journalist for almost as long, I’ve met many writers, publishers and, yes, agents, although the latter are fairly rare and also tend to work at the front end of the business, well before the final book comes to reviewers and readers.

Their role, however, can be both crucial and complex. Some are involved not just in placing a book with a publisher but also taking that book out into the market, working with publisher and writer to launch and promote it.

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