Books that inspire: John Purcell

When John Purcell comes to Bendigo to talk about romance and risk, we’ll definitely be asking him why he chose to write his steamy urban erotica under the pen name, Natasha Walker.

When we asked him what books inspire him, did we think he’d come up with this list?  For a very modern man, he is disconcertingly passionate about 19th-century masterpieces by women writers… Continue reading

Books that encourage: Bruce Oakman

Bendigo-based poet, Bruce Oakman, names an Australian poet on his list of books he says don’t necessarily inspire (“I resist ‘inspiration’ as somewhat overwrought”), but which are among the many books he cares about.

Meet Bruce on our poetry panel, Sunday 9 August, 10am, and he’s at the Bendigo Library, too, on Friday evening as part of the Fringe Festival.

Here’s Continue reading

Books that inspire: Kylie Mirmohamadi

Kylie Mirmohamadi is one of La Trobe University’s excellent research team; she specialises in Australian literature and is also co-author, with Susan Martin, on the reception of Charles Dickens in Australia. At Bendigo Writers Festival, Kylie is hosting this session at Bendigo Writers Festival, all about using real people as characters in books.

Here’s Kylie’s list of inspiring books: Continue reading

Books that inspire: Iain McCalman

If there’s one book you need to read about Australia’s natural wonder, the Great Barrier Reef, make it Iain McCalman’s superb, informative and deeply personal The Reef. This is, as the title tells us, “a passionate history”, and just so wonderfully written.

How does such a history get written? Iain tells us about books that have inspired him and his own writing, in his top 5 list here: Continue reading

Books that inspire: Adrian Mitchell

Continuing our series of Festival guest Top 5 Inspiring Books, here’s Adrian Mitchell’s delightful list, with commentary that is inspiring in itself.

Adrian is joining us at Bendigo Writers Festival to talk about his new book based on the life of goldfields artist, ST Gill, The Profilist. Adrian Mitchell @BWF, sessions not to be missed if you’re interested in Australian goldfields history as well as the art of biographical story-telling. Continue reading

Book previews prepare for BWF

It’s fair to say the locals are getting excited about hosting The Bendigo Writers Festival again. There’s a real buzz in the air (that smells distinctly like good coffee brewing) and plenty of pre-festival chatter alive on social media. Many are familiarising themselves or re-reading works by those talented authors who will visit our fine city in just a few short weeks and they’ve been kind enough to share their mini reviews with us… Continue reading