How to create a good festival event

The first answer to the question, “how do you create festival sessions that work?”, could be – close your eyes and grit your teeth and hope.

The second answer is – surprise, surprise – a bit more complicated.

Bendigo Writers Festival is coming up to its fourth year, and, while we’ve learnt heaps about managing the events as well as programming them, every year there are surprises to learn from.

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Bruce Oakman talk at Bendigo Library

I’m giving a talk at Bendigo Goldfields Library on Thursday 14 May from 6pm to 7pm titled ‘Why Poetry Matters’.
I intend it to be provocative, entertaining and stimulating with plenty of time for audience participation
and engagement – and I’d be delighted if you can come along.
It’s a free event. Here’s the shortcut for booking:
Yours ever,
BN Oakman