Black Diggers is groundbreaking theatre

This Friday and Saturday, Ulumbarra Theatre hosts performances of Queensland Theatre Company’s Black Diggers, a grand, ambitious and inspiring production written by Tom Wright and directed by Wesley Enoch.
This is an Australian team determined to make theatre that doesn’t mumble – it speaks with eloquence and power.
On the big stage of Ulumbarra, it will shine: It’s on at 8pm on Friday and Saturday, with a matinee on Friday.
If you phone the box office, and mention you’re a Writers Festival friend, you’ll be paying a little less to see Black Diggers too.

Vox Bendigo Fyffe Prize closes April 30

Entries for this new chapbook prize, with $1000 and publication in time for Bendigo Writers Festival, are due by 5pm on Thursday April 30 (or postmarked that day).

Online submissions via The Capital’s box office website:

Please note: entries need to be legible, and with a cover sheet with your name and contact details.

Email us here: with last minute queries… and good luck!

Raw Arts 2015 – Bendigo’s prizes encourage young writers

Raw Arts Awards

The City of Greater Bendigo is committed to fostering the talents and artistic pursuits of young people in the region. This commitment is supported through the presentation of the RAW Arts Awards.

Award Categories

Performing Arts: $1,000 Scholarship and $250 Highly Commended.

Visual Arts: $1,000 Acquisitive Award and $250 Highly Commended.

Digital Media: $1,000 Prize and $250 Highly Commended.

Literature: $1,000 Prize and $250 Highly Commended.

For full award guidelines refer to RAW_Arts_Awards_2015_Information_and_Guidelines.pdf

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How many authors does it take to write a query?

So, the novel is finished. What now? I’ve decided to go down the path of securing an agent. Writing a novel is teamwork, and the more on your team the better. So stage left, agent.

I’ve been advised to give myself six months of agent recruitment, and if after that I’m still lonely, move on to publisher targeting. If it sounds like a game, that’s because it is. After boning up on advice on how to catch an agent, I realised that it’s not about laying the facts down and hoping an agent is interested; it’s all about writing the perfect query–one that piques an agent’s interest so much that they have to ask for the whole damn manuscript. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean bells and whistles, this means, the. Perfect. Query.

I’ve read that if, after sending out ten queries you don’t get a bite, (requests for whole manuscript) re-write your query. I currently have three bites, but I rewrote the query anyway just to be sure.

So how many authors does it take to write a query? Honestly, get all the help you can, have a wild party for your author buddies and write it together.