Life’s too short…but long enough

Regrets… if you’ve had a few about what reading choices you’ve made, you will be amused by a blog article by Beulah Maud Devany, who calculated that, in her lifetime, she can only read 3000 books, so she’s decided to choose more carefully.

It’s really an excuse to start compiling your own “best books” list, which will, of course, be very personal and probably puzzle everyone but you.

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How to enter: more details here

Thanks for all the interest in the new Vox Bendigo Fyffe Prize, which is an initiative of Bendigo Writers Festival. We know people are keen to hear about how to enter, so here are more details as they stand.

We’re just waiting to confirm where to send entries and how to lodge the entry fee (which will be used entirely to support the administration of the prize and the eventual publication of the winner.

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Read to be tolerant

Rosemary Sorensen

In a post office in Bendigo, someone asked for a brochure about the Seniors Card, and I made a comment to the woman serving me at another counter that it felt surprising to have reached the age when one becomes a “senior”.

“I wish”, she said, and I laughed, then looked a little more closely at her face, saw it was set firmly, and that she actually meant it.

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